Car Alarm

Install the best car-alarm packages with us to protect your vehicle and scare away thieves that could steal your valuable and car parts.

For over a decade now car alarms have been an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its content or both since the alarm goes off scaring away the thief and notifying the owner of the car of the incident. At PIVOTCOM we install different reliable car alarm models and different packages depending on the clients’ specification.

A car that has been installed a car alarm is secure but if one hurriedly leaves the car and forgets to close one of the windows thugs can access the car and steal valuables like a car radio, laptop, handbag etc. but with window closer if one forgets to close the window the window will roll up after some seconds.

The different alarm packages that we offer are;

  • Auto-watch alarm
  • Car Alarm plus Window closer
  • Car Alarm plus Cut-off
  • Car Alarm plus Window Closer plus Cut off
  • Basic Car Alarm