Who we are

Few words about us

PIVOTCOM is a Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking company formed in 2012 and later registered in 2015.

We focus on offering vehicle tracking systems, fleet management solutions, and fuel solutions that are tailor made to meet the specic requirements of customers. PIVOTCOM Tracking thus was formed to jump start a process of total overhaul of the current norm, and came up with an innovative parallel GPRS/GPS/GSM solution, complete with a 24/7 dedicated customer support system for all the after sales support they would require.


Number in fleet management and vehicle tracking with over 5 Years of experience.

Our Approach

PIVOTCOM was formed on the backbone of a market characterized by a deficit of credible fleet management systems..

At the time of the company formation, none of the existing firms effectively offered real time tracking solutions and mapping systems, further compounded by the fact that they had a high cost of implementation. PIVOTCOM do not charge annual maintenance fee. What differentiates us is our special approach, our 2 directors have 5 years of experience in the industry, the leadership team with diverse talents and skills, and a time tested business approach that will help solve your complex eet management problems.