Fleet Management

Our fleet management system leverages on the GPS tracking system giving you the ability to: See your entire vehicle's location simultaneously on our internet web-based servervia your office, home or any remote computer or your mobile phone in real time. You will be able to locate your vehicles current position and get its exact street address i.e. MAI MAHIU ROAD, NAIROBI, KENYA.

With our Fleet Management system one is able to monitor the speed of the vehicle and receive an alarm or an SMS alert in case of over-speeding and this helps to curb reckless driving and in the end reduce accidents since the drivers driving habits are being monitored.

Our fleet management system encourages efficient routing by allocating jobs based on the location of the fleet drivers and also generate driving record reports and history playback report of where the vehicle has been for the past hour, day or month.

Since our fleet management comes with the vehicle tracking package you are able to locate and recover your lost/stolen vehicle right from any remote computer or on a mobile phone and turn off the engine from any part of the East Africa continent. Monitoring can be done from different locations simultaneously.