The Investors Guide to Earnings Season

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March 30, 2023
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The Investors Guide to Earnings Season

When you’re learning how to invest money, understanding the importance of earnings season should be a priority. Your first opportunity to make serious money in the stock market this year begins in just a couple of days. Earnings season is an important time to evaluate your investments and keep abreast of how they’re performing each quarter.

  1. As earnings season approaches, many analysts will conduct intrinsic valuations to determine if the current market price of a company’s stock is over- or under-valued.
  2. While we strive to provide a wide range of offers, Bankrate does not include information about every financial or credit product or service.
  3. Still other analysts, mainly in industries with a high level of fixed assets, prefer to see earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, also known as EBITDA.
  4. They may take questions from analysts but not individual investors or they could decline to answer certain questions altogether.
  5. After earnings reports are released, many companies hold an earnings conference call.

Analyst estimates of earnings are aggregated for benchmarks like the S&P 500. As companies in this index release results during earnings season, professional investors may revise their expectations for where the S&P 500 is headed. Earnings season is easily the busiest times of the year for those who work in and watch the markets, as virtually every large publicly traded company will report the results of their last quarter. Reports from earnings season can help you create an investing strategy in both the near-term and long-term future. But before you start developing a plan, you must make sure you understand the information presented. If you’ve never read an earnings report before, you probably don’t want your first experience to be a freshly released report during earnings season.

For example, some companies might take the full 30 days after the end of the quarter to have their accounting finished and report their earnings while others might report within 15 days. The company gets to pick and choose which questions they answer during the Q&A section, blackwell global review 2021 if they answer any at all. They may take questions from analysts but not individual investors or they could decline to answer certain questions altogether. Due to the high volume of listeners on a call, most individuals do not get called on to ask questions.

On a larger scale, a company’s earnings can dramatically influence stock prices. If you invest in individual stocks, reading the latest quarterly and annual earnings reports could help you decide what you want to do with those investments going forward. You might want to buy more of the stock if you feel the company is doing well or sell if the company looks like it can’t keep up with the changing world. In some cases, you might decide to hold an investment instead of either buying or selling shares.

That can be helpful if you already own stock in a particular company or are considering buying shares for the first time. It’s important, however, to consider what a quarterly earnings report means in terms of the company’s performance as a whole. Earnings season marks the period when corporations release their quarterly earnings reports to the public. Earnings season happens four times a year, typically kicking off in the first one or two weeks that follow the end of the previous quarter.

Shorting a stock before earnings and watching the price drop can be beneficial, as the psychological drop will usually trigger a sell-off. Conversely, a ramping up in production or revenue could result in a swift upward trajectory or stock price. Other investors sit out the season entirely, as there are too many “human” factors at play. As a result, you may see fluctuations in your portfolio during earnings season even if you don’t own shares of companies reporting results.

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The information shared during earnings season can offer specific details about a company in addition to trends in various industries and the pace of economic growth more broadly. The data released is then compared with analyst estimates from before earnings season to determine how a company did versus how it was expected to do. Earnings season is the period when publicly traded companies release their most recent quarter’s financial information in a report called Form 10-Q. During this time, many companies also host conference calls to discuss the results and field questions from analysts on Wall Street. When looking at financial earnings, investors can look at a number of performance metrics from revenue to cash flow.

Earnings season timeline

Regardless of what an investor decides, being able to act from the information received is important. Thinking through the overall investment strategy before these calls is important to an investor’s overall success in acting on these reports. If the company has beaten the markets’ expectations, the stock price may increase. Neither move is guaranteed as other outside forces may also influence a stock’s price. DocuSign (DOCU -0.73%) is one of the companies with a weird fiscal quarter end; its second quarter ends on July 31.

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Most companies follow a fiscal calendar of January 1st through December 31st, with earnings season being the weeks following the end of each fiscal year quarter – meaning March, June, September and December. The end of each month will mark the “beginning” of earnings season for that quarter, a time when company earnings reports begin rolling in and markets begin to react accordingly. For example, the earnings season for the first quarter begins in early April, which is a little over a month after the end of the fourth quarter season. Finally, analyst estimates for individual companies also offer clues about the future trajectory of the broader stock market.

Newer investors might get overwhelmed with the massive amount of data disclosed during earnings season. The best investment apps provide alternatives to investing in individual stocks that may be a better fit. Depending on the app you choose, you may be able to choose a predesigned portfolio and also have access to educational materials that can help you become a smarter investor. Some companies get their earnings together and report right away in those first few weeks, but others wait as long as two months after the quarter to release earnings. It’s a lot of work to close accounts, get an audit done if it’s required, and have a lawyer put together the filings required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

These companies are required to provide critical financial information in both quarterly and annual reports to all shareholders. These reports include financial statements that show a company’s income, expenses, assets, debts, cash flows, and more. Information released during each earnings season shows an individual company’s strength or weakness, but also speaks to broader economic conditions as well.

Earnings season generally takes place in the months of January, April, July, and October, which are the months that follow most companies’ fiscal quarters. Financial results are typically released after the stock market closes on Thursdays and Fridays during earnings season. During earnings season, investor relations teams will set up earnings calls, where the public can dial in and listen to the executive team describe the company’s results for that quarter. Topics generally covered during earnings calls include a discussion of financial performance, any management changes, changes in corporate governance, legal involvement, industry changes, and more.

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